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Sep 24, 2018  

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Brown said the legislative action shows how seriously California is taking threats to the environment. Last month, state regulators released a report showing climate change would lead to deadlier heat waves, more consistent wildfires and higher sea levels in the coming decades than previously believed. “California has been doing stuff that the rest of the world, most of the world, is just hoping they might get to someday,” Brown said. The bill narrowly passed the Legislature last month after nearly two years of debate over cost and feasibility concerns. Opponents argued that pushing fossil fuels out of the electricity grid within three decades wasn’t possible, and efforts to do so would lead to higher electric bills across the state. But supporters contend that the new law is essential for California to meet its other climate change goals, ensuring the state remains a worldwide leader in fighting the effects of global warming. Among those who delivered late pushes for legislators to back SB 100 were former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Vice President Al Gore. The law will take effect in January, and California will then join Hawaii as the only two states that have pledged to eliminate fossil fuels from their electric grids by 2045. The legislation does not include a roadmap for how the state will achieve its goal.

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A message is posted on a boarded up building before the arrival of Hurricane Florence on Oak Island, North Carolina A further 10 million people are now under some form of storm watch. So how are these people preparing? We spoke to those braced for Florence's looming arrival. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionPeople have left homes and taken precautions ahead of the hurricane Image caption Hurricane Florence seen off the US east coast in the Atlantic Ocean This satellite image of Florence hurtling towards the east coast on Wednesday gives a sense of its massive scale. A National Weather Service forecaster has said it will be the "storm of a lifetime" for parts of the Carolina coast. One emergency official said it will be a "Mike Tyson punch" to the area. There will be hurricane-force winds up to 80 miles from the centre of the storm, meteorologists say. Some forecasters have predicted it could be the most powerful storm ever to hit the region. Florence could do more than $170bn (£130bn) of damage and affect nearly 759,000 homes and businesses, says analytics firm CoreLogic.

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His family died in the Carr fire. He pretends they're just on vacation: 'Its the only way I can stay alive'

His wife said smoke had smothered the land and he had better get home. She’d already called 911 and officers said they were on the way, Bledsoe said. “I figured the Fire Department would come through here and knock on every door, or somebody at least come on the PA system hollering: ‘Everybody get out, the fire’s coming!’ They didn’t say nothing,” Bledsoe said. He headed home but was met by a five-lane-wide wall of cars fleeing in the opposite direction. He got out and hiked through the trees toward his land, careful to avoid being spotted by authorities. “I just [went] running this way and the fire just wouldn’t let me…” he said, losing himself in the memory. During the hellish trek, he talked to his wife on the phone. “She said: ‘We love you, we love you, we love you.’ I said: ‘I love you too, I’ll be there, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’ll be there. Just hang on, I’ll be there,’” Bledsoe said.

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Useful Questions On Recognising Important Factors In alt="Amid Hollywood glitter, police clear squatters from abandoned building, describing grim conditions"/>

Amid Hollywood glitter, police clear squatters from abandoned building, describing grim conditions More than 60 people who were living illegally in a vacant building without electricity on Hollywood Boulevard were removed by police early Wednesday morning. (Video by Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times) Just steps from the tourists taking selfies at the famed corner of Hollywood and Vine, a different Tinseltown scene was unfolding inside an old commercial building. From the outside, the structure looked abandoned amid the sea of upscale developments spreading across a revitalized Hollywood. But inside, dozens of squatters had created a makeshift home — complete with framed-out rooms scattered with inflatable mattresses, personal belongings and garbage. Illegal wiring powered microwaves, coffee makers and other electronics. When authorities arrived at the building Wednesday morning, they said, the filth and stench of human waste was overwhelming. Police detained more than 60 people who were living in what residents described as an artists community. The conditions were similar to those at the Ghost Ship, an Oakland warehouse-turned-artists residence that caught fire in 2016, killing 36 people. That building also had been powered by makeshift wiring and filled with debris. It remains unknown exactly what sparked the Ghost Ship blaze.

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